We Are Providing Site Material Quotes For The Following Projects
Projects BiddingProject DescriptionCityBid Date Documents
2018 MISC. CONCRETE REPLACEMENT PROJECTProject includes: Removal and replacement of existing concrete pavement, sidewalk, curb & gutter, mountable curb & walk, crosspans, driveways, curb ramps, inlets top & pan, earthwork, grading, and asphalt pavement.CASTLE ROCK07/26/2018 Plans
2018 ROAD RECONSTRUCTION PROJECTProject includes: Curb & gutter, paving and excavating.ENGLEWOOD08/07/2018 Plans
2018 SIDEWALKSProject includes: Curb & Gutter, Sidewalk repair and/or /replace and asphalt paving.FORT LUPTON08/10/2018 Plans
ARAPAHOE COUNTY OPEN SPACES TRAIL CONNECTIONSProject includes: Concrete trail connections, with grading, to the existing trail along E470.ARAPAHOE COUNTY07/19/2018 Plans
CENTENNIAL FAMILY EMERGENCY ROOM-SUB BIDProject includes: Earthwork, Erosion Control, Pavement Markings, Site Utilities, Landscape and Concrete.CENTENNIAL07/18/2018 Plans
CHILDRENS LIGHTHOUSEProject includes: Concrete, paving, landscaping, fence, site utilities and retaining walls.PARKER07/26/2018 Plans
CMC MOB2 CORE SHELLProject includes: Earthwork, curb & gutter, retaining walls, paving and site utilities.LAFAYETTE07/23/2018 Plans
CURB EXTENSIONSProject includes: Curb & gutter, sidewalk, asphalt and concrete paving.THORNTON08/02/2018 Plans
HIGHLANDS FILING 1 - VISTA HIGHLANDS OFF SITEProject includes: Earthwork, aggregate surfacing, paving and utilities.BROOMFIELD07/24/2018 Plans
JAIL SITE PARKINGProject includes: Seeding, clearing & grading, curb & gutter, asphalt paving and subgrade work.BOULDER COUNTY07/19/2018 Plans
LOWELL BOULEVARD IMPROVEMENTS CLEAR CREEKProject includes: Curb & gutter, asphalt paving, fence, concrete paving, utilities and traffic control.ADAMS COUNTY08/02/2018 Plans
MARKET AT SOUTHPARKProject includes: Demolition, site work and new construction of a retail development. LITTLETON07/27/2018 Plans
MEDIAN GUARDRAIL BARRIER CONSTRUCTIONProject includes: Median guardrail barier and concrete paving.JEFFERSON COUNTY07/26/2018 Plans
ON-CALL CONSTRUCTION SERVICES - DENVERProject includes: Roof replacement, mechanical upgrades (HVAC controls), lighting retrofit, concrete and asphalt.DENVER08/01/2018 Plans
PARKING LOT ASPHALT WORKProject includes: Asphalt patching, mill and pave, chip seal, concrete, crack seal and slurry seal.ARVADA07/27/2018 Plans
PUBLIC STORAGE - CO17070Project includes: Demo of existing buildings and construction of a new ground-up Public Stroage building.WESTMINSTER07/25/2018 Plans
RALSTON TRUNK SEWER REGRADEProject includes: Remove and install sanitary sewer, asphalt patchingand landscape restoration.ARVADA07/24/2048 Plans
RESIDENCE HALL VI - PARKING LOT AT WHITE HOUSEProject includes: New parking lot behind an existing building. Asphalt, concrete, excavating and landscape.GOLDEN07/24/2018 Plans
RESIDENCES AT FIRST AVENUE PARKINGProject includes: Patching, Seal, and Striping of existing parking lots.AURORA07/20/2018 Plans
RMA - CONSTRUCT A 21 VEHICLE PARKING LOTProject includes: Construct a 21 vehicle parking lot to include stalls and three trails originating off of the main trailhead at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.COMMERCE CITY08/22/2018 Plans
ROADWAY EROSION CONTROL 2018Project includes: Curb & gutter, underdrain, landscaping, earthwork and water quality pond.DENVER07/30/2018 Plans
SKY RANCH WASTEWATER RECLAMATION FACILITYProject includes: excavation and backfill, cast-in-place reinforced concrete and other site work. WATKINS07/19/2018 Plans
SURFACE LOT ASPHALT REPAIR - RESEAL AND RESTRIPEProject includes: Asphalt repair, reseal, restripe at 6 parking lots.DENVER07/24/2018 Plans
SWEETPEA CHILDRENS DENTISTRYProject includes: Curb & gutter, landscaping, utilities, excavating and paving.PARKER07/20/2018 Plans
US 85 & WELD COUNTY RD RESURFACINGProject includes: Concrete, asphalt, traffic signals and traffic control.FORT LUPTON07/19/2018 Plans
W 29TH AVE REALIGNMENTProject includes: Sanitary sewer, curb & gutter, traffic signal, landscaping, asphalt and pavement marking.WHEAT RIDGE07/24/2018 Plans
WASHINGTON AVENUE COMPLETE STREETProject includes: Retaining walls, curb & gutter, earthwork, asphalt paving and traffic control.GOLDEN07/23/2018 Plans
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